Thank you so much for visiting my humblebrag humble blog.

I grew up thinking that depression was something to be ashamed of, and that I was someone to be ashamed of. This blog came out of a particularly frustrated, impulsive moment of rejecting that narrative and deciding to create my own story of how I understood depression, and specifically, my depression.

Besides depression, I also enjoy the trials and tribulations of having ADHD and recovering from alcoholism.

Besides THAT, I am a feminist, a wife, and a mother. Also a clinical social worker specializing in trauma and trauma recovery, and an adjunct social work professor. This won’t start until May September 2018, but don’t you take me so much more seriously now?

I live in Boston with my wife and son. He is a toddler and likes to say “no” a lot. What a character!

I love to read, occasionally write, hate-watch “This is Us” and love-watch “Grown-ish” and “The Office.” I’m a white lady who grew up middle class and has been trying to find herself for 30 something years, so obviously I love running and practice yoga. I try not to be a Becky but accept that I am some form of Becky outlined here.  I feel passionately about a lot of things, including but not limited to social and racial justice, and that leads to starting fights with strangers on the internet and friends in real life. This woman is a hero.

I am empathic and intuitive, and am coming to appreciate this more. I think I am hilarious! My wife agrees that I think this, but does not agree that I am hilarious.

I started this blog because I wanted to let people know they weren’t alone, because I believe that we can change our understanding of ourselves, and each other, if we are honest and open about everything, including the dark parts, and because I relied so heavily on other people’s stories when I was first getting sober and first understanding depression. I hope this blog offers you a sense of connection and compassion, because that is what the world started offering me when I stopped keeping my secrets a secret.